RedCloud for Marketers

Encourage and expand through WhatsApp.

Promote your brand and interact with both customers and potential clients.

Immediate involvement with leads.

Begin conversations with leads immediately after they register, using automated chatbots for responses.

Reactivate possibilities

Utilize personalization to communicate and rekindle connections with prospects when initial conversations have become inactive.

Retain leads in the sales funnel.

Maintain continuous conversations and reduce lead leakage caused by delayed follow-ups by sales teams.

Notice for Missing Carts

Receive alerts and reconnect with customers by providing personalized offers for items left in missing carts on your website..

Customized promotional offers

Create and send personalized messages and promotions on a larger scale to enhance contact across your CRM data.

Embed your Tools

Allow native customized integration with your favorite tools, such as CRM, helpdesk, and any other components in your software stack.

Utilize WhatsApp to foster brand engagement and bolster sales support.

Create your brand.

Centralize leads in CRM, broadcast, & Manage responses.

  • \Utilize WhatsApp's established reputation as a secure and reliable platform to elevate your brand.
  • \Sustain conversations and deliver prompt responses that reflect elevated standards of customer sales and service.

Boost Your Expansion

Develop and oversee impactful campaigns for sales growth.

  • \Broadcast comprehensive sales information on WhatsApp using pre-approved message templates to increase awareness and capture interest.
  • \Personalize targeted offers to specific contact categories to increase sales conversions.

Simplify and enhance collaboration.

Optimize workflows and encourage collaboration.

  • \Support parents and students all the way from admission through to exam results.
  • \Organize your teams to provide parents with sales, support and service, 24/7.

Over 1,200 customers

What some of our 8,000+ customers across 100+ countries think of RedCloud.

“Increased customer satisfaction and sales”

RedCloud’s WhatsApp Business solution has revolutionized our customer engagement. Its user-friendly interface and robust features have made communication seamless, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales. We highly recommend RedCloud for businesses looking to excel in customer service.

Toofan Fans

Founder & Marketing Manager

“A game-changer for our business!”

RedCloud’s WhatsApp Business solution has revolutionized our online product offerings. It’s streamlined communication and improved customer engagement. Our customers love it, and our sales have soared. A game-changer for our business!

Siddhi Jewellers

Marketing Manager

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