RedCloud for Marketing Agencies

Optimize the use of WhatsApp as a channel.

Increase lead creation and relationship building for your clients using mobile devices.

Discard Email and SMS!

Utilize WhatsApp as the main channel, employing impactful campaigns to attract, nurture, and encourage strong calls to action.

Personalized Promotions offers

Create and send personalized messages and promotions on a larger scale to bulid intraction across your CRM data.

Interact and foster.

Leverage potent chatbots, APIs, commerce integrations, and customer intelligence for effective acquisition, nurturing, and upselling.

Automated Response

Implement intelligent auto-responses by creating chatbots with workflows that can escalate to sales reps as needed.

Link your CRM.

Elevate campaigns by easily integrating preferred CRM, view it as enterprise marketing management made for WhatsApp.

Enhance to your Agency Stack

Easily incorporate native and made integrations for current tools, CRMs, Google Sheets, and other elements in stack.

Enhance WhatsApp channel links with RedCloud to boost delivery.

Optimize WhatsApp channel.

Take use of WhatsApp’s presence to accelerate growth.

  • \Branded lead-generation awareness and consideration communications can help companies go above and beyond.
  • \Drive below-the-line conversions with mobile sales promos and offers which include rich media.

Partner with RedCloud

Increase customer growth with RedCloud on effective WhatsApp marketing.

  • \Suggest RedCloud for digital services boosting lead creation, fostering, and engagement.
  • \Directly manage clients' RedCloud accounts, providing outsourced WhatsApp communication services.

Value boost through efficient support.

Market efficiently on WhatsApp with support for success.

  • \Made configurations to ensure RedCloud delivers optimal data for your clients.
  • \Obtain reports that demonstrate the benefit your agency delivers.

Over 1,200 customers

What some of our 8,000+ customers across 100+ countries think of RedCloud.

“Increased customer satisfaction and sales”

RedCloud’s WhatsApp Business solution has revolutionized our customer engagement. Its user-friendly interface and robust features have made communication seamless, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales. We highly recommend RedCloud for businesses looking to excel in customer service.

Toofan Fans

Founder & Marketing Manager

“A game-changer for our business!”

RedCloud’s WhatsApp Business solution has revolutionized our online product offerings. It’s streamlined communication and improved customer engagement. Our customers love it, and our sales have soared. A game-changer for our business!

Siddhi Jewellers

Marketing Manager